February 11th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


kinda half sick today - enough that I'm staying home. I could be at work and be fairly ok, but I'd stand a good chance of making myself full-out sick, possibly for long enough to seriously screw me over (boskone art show this weekend!).

anyway, going to do some work from home. got some perl scripting to do, whee. must resist urge to use quantum entanglement module in flight tracker script.... "We're sorry, your flight is simultaneously somewhere over Alberquerque, landing in Reykjavik, and exploding in a fiery ball over the Caspian Sea. We don't know which yet, because we're afraid to look at it...."

Earpiece thingy arrived today. Called my dad to experiment. Was interesting. I still have trouble parsing words when all I have is sound data, but I have more complete sound data using this thing than I have on any other phone. Biggest problem is staticky sibilants, which swallows up large parts of the surrounding phonemes.

at some point I'll post TMI about yesterday, which was a good day. whee.

update: ok, I just tried to think. evidently I'm sicker than I thought. *sigh*
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