February 8th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

ow. ow. ow.

damn, do I feel like a weakling. I don't think climbing uses *any* of the muscles that belly dancing does. It still hurts to lift my arms!

but, fun. this place is nifty. could use a little more heat, but it's the biggest rock gym I've been to. lots of interesting variations, including a cave room, and a piton column, and a tension grip column, and pull-up ledges, and this one that's slanted favorably but only has really really tiny bumps on it so you can only really use your feet. (Y. showed off by walking around on that one using one finger, but, then, he's disgusting :P.)

and yes, the cute redhead was there :). though we were both being shy, of course, and wyndam was "helping," which didn't help :P. but, yeah. fun. whee. and as wyndam said: "mmm, athletic chicks."

my quote of the night: "are you kidding? I can't tell my left from my right up here!"

(context: someone was trying to tell me to move my left foot to a particular place, while I was forty feet up.)

on an unrelated note, I have a semi-hobby of collecting store names that are [something] World. Boat World, Furniture World, Boot World, etc. Well, today, I saw...

Dinette World.

on still another unrelated note, be frightened - I look respectable today. (well, almost - I haven't combed my hair yet.) need to rehearse my presentation. hopefully my language faculties will be working better than they were at the rehearsal yesterday.
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firesea: self-portrait


got random email from someone last night who wants to buy a print of Astarte :) :)

wrok scene: taken 20 on the concentration check - *still* failing. need to convince myself not to be nervous. argh. just 5 minutes.
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