January 29th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

tuesday? already? or still?

started my next belly dance class last night - it totally RULED. Karen is teaching this one, and she's just wonderful - very funny, sexy, outrageous (my new role model!). This class is on goddess archetypes, and last night was Artemis. Overall there's going to be much more improvisation and creative stuff in this class, which is absolutely what I want. The last week we each are going to perform a goddess dance (Gee, can anyone guess who I'm going to pick?)

Managed to take a not-very-efficient route there, thanks to my forgetting when I went to mapquest that Mass Ave in Boston is very different than Mass Ave in Cambridge. Oops. (I'd been there before, but was trying going via 93 instead of 2 this time.)

Went to wyndam's afterwards. Straightened out the whole coordinating-sex-drives problem. Now there will be more sex. And less frustration. Whee :)

Of course, then because I had taken an extra 5mg of adderall at 7, I couldn't get to sleep until around 5, which meant I didn't manage to wake up until 11. (Strange - if I take my last dose at 6, I can go to sleep at 1 no problem. If I take it at 7, I'm up all night. I wonder why.)

So now I'm at work again, after stopping at home to get my spare laptop battery. I'm hoping that will alleviate the randomly-shutting-off problem (hasn't done it yet, but then it's only been an hour).

Need to write some powerpoint slides now. Um, zool.
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firesea: self-portrait

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hmmm. I'm in that pensive mood where all the thoughts are just below verbalization range so I'm not entirely sure what I'm pensive about. (I'm thinking in infrared, but only conscious in the visible range...?)

I'm pretty sure robots don't have anything to do with it, though, judging by my productivity.

I probably need more sleep. And to not always be distracted by zephyr.
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firesea: self-portrait


well, my computer hasn't shut down randomly at all today. this is promising.

now, food. Eating nothing but rice crackers today may not have been the best of plans.
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