January 27th, 2002

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um, whee!

whoa. what a day.

got to the flea around 11. there was already a really long line out front, and I think I got about the last quasi-legal parking space. First up was being a model for the Baroness' latex demonstration. (They put me in something that looked a lot like this.) I'd never worn latex before, and it was.... interesting. Definitely not my thing, but I'm glad I got the chance to try it. And it was fun to be instructed to wander through the crowd and let them fondle me ;)

Also very nice to watch a skilled dominatrix - not at work, but just her general attitude and the way it came through in everything she did. I need to find dominatrix classes somewhere.

Then I talked to the volunteer coordinator and somehow managed to get out of my afternoon shift entirely, though that was not my intention, and started wandering.

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firesea: self-portrait

unexpected kisses

Huge blinking neon Note to Self: the next time you think you're so shy/unattractive/awkward/whatever that it's nearly impossible for you to meet interesting new people, remember this weekend.

I think I need to take the purity test again :)

Mmm. Sushi.

Plans for the evening: relax. Play with some tattoo designs. Sleep.
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and after every good time, there comes the crash.... dammit, it shouldn't have to happen like this. I don't believe that bad times have to balance out the good ones. I want to have a stretch of more than a day where life is good, period, with nothing worse than the occasional 'hm, I'm bored.'

gah. my brain is completely gone. time to play video games? except the thought of each one bores me before I can even load up the cd.

*whine* don't wanna go to work tomorrow. bleah.
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