January 22nd, 2002

firesea: self-portrait

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no motivation today. not for 'real work' anyway. want to go home and plan arty things, and cuddle with jc (and play FF10 FF10 FF10 ohwait). should finish taking down the yule tree, too. la.

so now I will half-heartedly test code, and babble on zsex, and read livejournal. whee.
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firesea: self-portrait


Me: Ok, this isn't the most elegant, but it'll work and it's not too hard to understand.

Brain: Nonononono! There must be a better way! Rip it apart, rewrite it all!

Me: I don't have time to do that! It's 9:30pm, I'm hungry, and this needs to be working tomorrow!

Brain: But if you find a better way to do it it'll take you so much less time to write! And will save you so much time later!

Me: Fine, then, I'll work on the elegant way in my spare time. For now I've got to get this hack working.

Brain: Nooooo! The pain! You can't release hackful code! What will They think of you?

Me: What They? The only person who's going to look at this is the coop, and he either won't care or won't know the difference.

Brain: You are a traitor to your Art! How dare you question the value of Elegant Code!

*Brain stomps off in a huff, leaving Me feeling guilty and desperately tempted to do that one "last" rewrite....*
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