January 17th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


I have BOOTS!!!

(I've been searching for decent boots for years - it seems any kind that are remotely non-ugly have zippers instead of laces, which means they won't fit around my calves. However, Hot Topic just got in boots that are pretty nice-looking, with zippers AND laces, for $35! Hooray! Boots!

And snow! Making traffic suck, of course, but I'll hang out at home for a little while longer and maybe it will go away.

Weirdness: dyed my hair last night, and it turned my silver nail polish this odd metallic pink. Looks kind of nifty, actually.

Need to make another Collapse )
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firesea: self-portrait

30000 people saying *whop*

ok, belly dancing costume is complete. clothes are packed. lesbian kisses on ER. w00teth. now if I can just get me some of that last this weekend....;)

mithril is demanding my lap. silly cat.

*yawn* I'm sleepy, but not in a go-to-sleep way. should go finish prints, anyway, and figure out how the hell to price them. I have no sense of how much people would pay for it..argh. Theoretically if I price them too low, people will just bid each other up to whatever the equilibrium point is (aagh! evil memories of economics class!). I dunno. Never tried to sell prints before. Yikes.

and now mithril is sound asleep. just when I need to get up and put together some more prints.

I guess I can squeeze in a game of square-off first....
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