January 4th, 2002

firesea: self-portrait


reading the arisia schedule. too many things to go to!

friday: deryni ball and swordfighting demo at 8; fantasy stuck in renaissance, 3D art, and poly panel at 9p; digiridoo at 10p; drum and dance at 11p

saturday: sword/rapier demo and dueling easels at 10a; bellydance workshop at noon; filk circle, sculpting demo, and serotonin talk at 3p; more filk at 5p; masquerade at 8p; goth makeover at 10p; dance at 11:30p

sunday: belly dance, religion in sf, and art auction at 1p

at least I won't have time to mope around the art show wondering why nobody's bidding on my stuff :)
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firesea: self-portrait

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got my raise - an average one, which is actually really good given how badly I did for most of the past year. A. confirmed that my improvement has been noticed and the raise reflected that as much as possible.

also, I get to write more activebuddy stuff next week! whee!

aaaaand the robots are coming along nicely.

now if I could just get the smoke smell out of my shoes and purse.... *wrinkles nose*

arisia in two weeks! must make mats! must make more prints! must plan wardrobe! must practice filking! must...
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