December 28th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait

whee ha!

Yesterday I was writing up all the mats I needed to order for my prints, when I totaled it all up and it hit me - for just this order (~20 mats, not even close to the number of prints I have) I would be spending over $200. Hmm.

To the web. Research. Hmmm. A decent quality mat cutter costs about $100.

So, of course, the only rational thing to do was tear off to Central Square to go on a shopping spree at Pearl.

I acquired:
29" mat cutter w/straight and bevel cutting heads
9 mat boards of various colors
more acetate sheets
a woodburner
couple of pens and a new kneaded eraser

All for less than it would have cost to order 20 mats from the frame store. And now I have the wherewithal to make more mats for around a dollar per. *Much* better than $10 or $12 per. And I have something art-related I can do when I'm not feeling particularly creative :)

*does the booty dance*
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firesea: self-portrait


Big Boggle Big Boggle Big Boggle Laurel got me Big Boggle!!!!!

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