December 26th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


So I arrive at work this morning, and sitting on my desk is a brand new telephone. It says 'Siemens' on it. Since my hearing aids are also made by Siemens, I thought it might be a new TTY phone. However, there is no manual, no TTY-ish buttons on it, and no visual ringer. There's a little card on it saying 'happy holidays from Siemens and [technical 'support']. Thanks for letting us install your new phone."

The phone's not even on. I wouldn't call that installed.

Now, MITRE is in the process of switching over to a digital phone system. They eventually sent someone over to talk to me about this (since I have a TTY phone and am therefore 'special') about a month ago. They had no idea how to deal with TTY phones (??!), so said they'd leave my setup as is.

So what the heck is this new phone doing on my desk???

(It occurs to me that the likeliest explanation is this is actually for my officemate - they just put it on the wrong desk. But it's much more entertaining to imagine conspiracies and mysterious gifts from the gods of technology.)
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