December 17th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


Following the theory that I'm less likely to lose things that are impractical (e.g., sunglasses - couldn't hold on to a pair for more than a month until I got the silly purple pair I have now), I got myself a pair of leather biker gloves yesterday - fingerless with metal studs :). Now I *really* need a good pair of leather boots, and I will be Completely Badass (tm).

Also got the sheet music for a Tori album (under the pink - wanted little earthquakes, but they didn't have it. boo) and played semi-recognizable renditions of a couple songs. Hoping to get them good enough to sing them while I play. Her vocal range actually seems to be identical to mine, which is nice. Though as a music writer, she's on crack - some of the songs in there are in utterly obscene keys like A-flat minor - SEVEN FLATS! And I thought C-sharp minor was bad.

Again remembering too late to undergo the yearly search for a copy of A Christmas Without Snow. B& sells it, but it wouldn't get here by this weekend, which is when I'd like to watch it.

Ok, time to start the crunch for the noon deadline. Wonder if Mike's here yet.
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firesea: self-portrait

oh yes.

I also got a Beef Stick of Doom from Hickory Farms. Yum.

Agent is working, at least to the point of demoability. Huzzah!
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firesea: self-portrait


dare I bounce?

I think the robots are working (again, really this time). If so, I can work from home tomorrow morning and avoid the snow + resulting traffic mess.
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