December 11th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


For those who haven't seen it yet: an interview with the designer of Settlers of Catan.

So, a couple weeks ago when I was raving about the Pearl art store in Central Square... I went back last night. And noticed that those two stairways weren't employees only. The store is OVER THREE TIMES as big as I thought it was, bigger than any art store I've ever been in. The brush section *alone* is bigger than the art store I grew up with in Greensburg was. Oh my gods. Oh my gods. The sheer happiness of that place. Did I mention oh my gods?

I was "good", though - only got a couple bottles of iridescent ink, and some spray gloss, and some acetate sheets for print protectors... of course I only had 10 minutes there before they closed and class started....

Hmm. I should stop looking at their web site before I buy something else.

I've managed to shift my sleep schedule about an hour earlier. (Don't think I'm going to come into work much earlier, though - yesterday I left home at 9, took me 40 minutes. Today I left at 9:40, took me 15. What's the point?) But it's nice to have some time to relax and do some artwork before running off to "real" work.

I'm starting to entertain the dangerous illusion that I might actually be able to make a living selling my artwork. Not as much as I make now, of course, but I *really* like the stuff I'm making, and I honestly think people will buy it. Need to talk to Thea about how one starts getting into galleries and whatnot. And we'll see how the cons go. I could still get lots of oohs and aahs but not sell a damn thing. *sigh*
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