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November 28th, 2001


damn, there's a *lot* I want to write about this morning. I'll probably break it into several chunks.

For now, the fluff:
E-Saver from Pittsburgh to Boston this weekend! Anyone wanna come visit? :)

music surveyCollapse )

last night...

last night, I finally made it to the KTO's magick class. They've been doing Enochian stuff, which I know practically nothing about.

And what should happen but the person who was going to be scrying didn't show up, and they said 'You know, we've been talking about having someone with no Enochian experience scry, to avoid preconcieved notions and all that...'

And whaddaya know. I got recruited.Collapse )

and one more...

Also got my violin back last night :) It sounds sooooo nice. Good-quality strings do make a difference. I had forgotten how difficult the 1st violin part to the Bach Double is. Eeep. But I played the Fiocco Allegro! Badly, but I played it!

I haven't lost as much ability as I was afraid I would have. I can still get a pretty nice tone; my fingers have just lost the memory of where exactly the notes are, and how to shift precisely, so I tend to play out of tune. My left hand also has a tendency to collapse around the neck, which is a bad habit I had before that is just worse now. But I'm noticing it, so I can fix it. And I think I have the patience now to get it all back.

I love rediscovering pieces that I had forgotten about - turning the page, mentally playing the music, and going ooooh I remember this! I love this one!

Of course, I had to put Mithril outside while I played to avoid getting my ankles gnawed to death. Poor kitty. *stifles a laugh*


work suddenly busy. boring project got interesting. getting stuff done. now, off to play with robots!
to continue the thread of what you do when someone close to you is unhappy - offer comfort, solutions, or just leave them alone -

what do you do when you know they want a solution but you don't have any ideas? how do you offer comfort when you know it won't help?


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