November 16th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


ok, this has been a good, if bizarre, morning so far...

Woke up early. No traffic on the way to work (at 8:30???). Interesting posts on empaths pulling me back in there (I know it's my community, but I've been a slacker). I can go home early this afternoon, which means I'll actually have time to do stuff before we go try to see harry potter. We might refinance our mortgage today (if not, then probably early next week).

And there is now a bed in the back bedroom. That same room that was so full of boxes and junk a month ago that you could barely get in the door. I finished a cleaning project! Go me!

Still feeling stressed about a fair number of things. I think I've put too much pressure on myself to get everything done now that I have the mental capability to focus.
  • Bill's painting (which I am making slow progress on, just haven't put any paint to canvas yet)
  • my own paintings/drawings which I want to finish in time to be in the Boskone art show (I'm in the middle of three at the moment)
  • making Meerkat's web site all pretty (a massive task that I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by, especially since he's so stressed about it)
  • still cleaning/organizing the house (making steady progress, but it's huge)
  • making the front walkway (though we have to get more stone before we go much farther)
  • keeping up with piano, and violin once it's fixed
  • belly dancing
  • finishing my new website (design done, just a matter of adding all the content, which is the boring/annoying part)
  • ironing out finances (specifically, telling Merrill Lynch to GFY, and getting mortgage refinancing done)

And, of course, keeping at reasonable levels of contact with friends/family/SOs, and work. And the occasional chunk of time to read a book or play games.

That's just the things I'm in the middle of, too. I also want to do more magick, get involved with the KTO again, start a drum circle, go skydiving again, do more photography, set up my own darkroom, rock climbing, move to Seattle, visit New Zealand/Greece/Hawaii/Australia/the moon, create a fully sentient computer, take over the world.....

The curse of being interested in everything. I can do more of it now, but still not nearly all.
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