October 29th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait

holy cows and flying machines

i feel like all the tension in my entire body is centered in my jaw. ow. TMJ--

i think i need a new contacts prescription. problem is I'm so damn picky about my eyesight - was happy with the optemetrist I had in Pgh but have no idea who to go to here. The one time I tried going to a random doctor in Pgh he gave me a scrip that was half a point off in both eyes. (anyone got any recommendations? particularly northern folk, since you're, um, closer..)

today's Dork Tower is great.

it's a monday all right. yup. uhuh. naptime?
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firesea: self-portrait


stupid *!^%#@$&!*!@# trigonometry...

wish i could actually feel confident about any calculation i make. i'm to the point where i'm not even sure 2+2 is 4.00002541 anymore....
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