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October 24th, 2001


actually got myself out of bed early this morning. weird. can't remember if i took my drugs or not. but i'm feeling reasonably with-it, so I guess I'll assume I did....

Pagan test:
# 1 Druid
# 2 Shaman
# 3 Wiccan
# 4 Asatru
# 5 Greek
# 6 Thelema
# 7 Orisha
# 8 Egyptian

That is so amazingly wrong. Ha! They asked all the wrong questions. I wonder what they think the profile of a Thelemite is.... at least they had Thelema on the list. The thing is, there *is* no profile of a Thelemite - at least, not one that could be gotten from those questions. Finding your Will and following (your interpretation of) the Book of the Law are really the only constants, and I'm sure you'd find exceptions to those too.

A more accurate ranking for me would be something like:
Thelema, Wiccan, Egyptian, Greek, Shaman, Druid, Asatru
with Orisha stuck somewhere in there 'cause I really don't know much about it.

And, of course: I'm 63% slut. Whee!


go into lab to work on robots.

no local network. hmmm.

notice that wireless access point got unplugged. aha. plug it back in.

after funny blinking lights settle down, try network again. nada.

reboot machines. nada.

get friendly neighborhood linux guru to help. he localizes the problem as being with the access point, but doesn't know what to do to fix it.

update: shoebox_bird arrives. she discovers that the wireless card inside the access point has been removed. neither of us has touched it. nobody else is supposed to touch it. the mystery deepens.

soon, the mass emails may begin. who took our wireless card? why? on tonight's episode of Mysteries of MITRE!

In the meantime, I guess I can code on the robot itself. Though that's annoying, because I can't test it with cables running out to monitor/kb/mouse, and the stuff I was hoping to write kinda needs the kb/display feedback loop.

note to self: judging from actions so far this morning, I definitely did take my drugs (couldn't remember earlier if I did or not). I actually *asked a coworker for help*. Without fretting for an hour first.



is full of unanswerable dilemmas. I should just deal.


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