September 25th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


I'm, like, getting stuff done. This is really odd. It's the little things, like working out meetings and things. Planning projects. It's kind of a rush to be coming together with people and working things out. I feel giddy. This is weird.

I hope this doesn't mean I should be a manager :P

I have a new project: creating my own lj mood icon set! now to decide: another set of cats? Pumpkin heads for Samhain? A better set of dragons? Maybe I'll make a bunch of templates, post em here, and let people vote :)

Have to figure out how to make animated gifs, too. Hmm. Google Ho!
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firesea: self-portrait


So we're evidently *finally* going to pay *some* of our back dues to the UN. Now that we actually think we need their help, we'll quit with the whining about how we lost our seat on the Human Rights Commission, and pretend we're being generous.

I didn't even realize this then, but we passed a law in May to withold dues until we got that commission seat back. A seat that we had been duly voted out of, by the same principles of democracy of which the US is supposed to be champion. Passed a law! Like that gave us a legitimate cause to whine like a toddler that's getting spanked for breaking his toys!

Gah. Our government makes me sick. Mob mentality at its worst. Our country has the collective brains of a two-year-old.

(read this if I've confused you)
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firesea: self-portrait


belly dancing RULES.

i have zills (finger cymbals).

"shaking up the patriarchy - shimmy by shimmy."

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