September 20th, 2001

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Infinite Justice? INFINITE JUSTICE?

Infinite Vengeance, maybe.....

for a lighter take on it (thanks, drishnak!):

Disassociated Press - Washington, DC: President Bush yesterday announced the name of the retaliation effort, "Operation Infinite Justice." When questioned about choosing a name that sounded like a bad B action movie starring Steven Seagal, the C-I-C defended his choice. "We don't want to give the impression that we're not willing to go on all the way to the end of the need for the justice," he said in a telephoned interview. "This isn't about *finite* justice." When pressed, he did admit frustration that George Lucas had already tied up the name "Attack of the Clones."

Steven Seagal, who is currently filming "Under Siege 3: Raped By Squirrels", was not available for comment.

STILL no robots. :P
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firesea: self-portrait



just made a major breakthrough at work - my one really boring project is practically done now! OK, so it's a little thing, but it's one that's been hard for me to come by lately. This does no end of good for my self-confidence/mood/etc.

*happy dance*
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