September 14th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait

I'm a twit!

Hauled myself out of bed early and raced to work, only to find my early meeting is *next* friday. Sigh. Well at least this means I won't feel guilty about leaving for my plans this evening.

I drove the Saturn this morning! It doesn't stink anymore! Just smells like mango from all the teabags jc stuffed in the vents. Power steering feels weeeeeeird.

and an hour later she realizes she forgot to hit "post".....
firesea: self-portrait

a respectful moment ruined

so MITRE just held a moment of silence to honor the terrorism victims. In the middle, I notice the photographer merrily taking pictures of everyone. That just seemed in horribly bad taste. And then everyone sang God Bless America and said the pledge of allegiance - good intentions, I know, but I have ethical objections to taking part in either. Couldn't we have sung the Star Spangled Banner instead? *sigh*
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firesea: self-portrait

oh crap

i forgot to eat lunch. and the cafeteria will close before i can get there.

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