September 11th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


a tad drunk. la.

just spent several hours talking/drinking with fraterrisus reconstructing the Web of Shame (I hadn't tried to draw mine since just after I got involved with jarrett - my llist has doubled since then). Just one of those things that is way too much fun.

i love tequila rose. hee.

why does everyone get drunk on mondays? cause mondays SUCK! whee.

what gets me is i'm this drunk and i'm *still* going back to fix all my typos.
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firesea: self-portrait


my parents were taking a friend to the airport in pittsburgh this morning. they heard the news on the way there, turned around and came home. they're ok.

gothfru is stuck in texas, but ok.

my brother-in-law is probably already mobilized... somewhere. (he's a green beret in the national guard).

a friend's friend's parents were on the top floor of the WTC and are almost certainly dead.

an aquaintance who works on Wall Street is ok.

a friend who goes to NYU is ok.

CMU is shut down - Cyert (the computer center) was evacuated due to a bomb threat. the people i know there seem to be ok.

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