September 6th, 2001

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music, mood, and mayhem

on the way to work today WZLX played Roger Waters' version of Wish You Were Here.... my gods that was horrible. All of the little quirks that made the melody interesting are gone. There's this weird gospel-like chorus in the background. It sounds like a country ballad or something now. *shudder* Need to get that sound out of my head, but I have no headphones or speakers. *sigh*

a point regarding my mood a few days ago (the 'really fucking pissed off' post); when something bad happens, my first instinct is to turn inward into a depressed ball o' hurt and beat up on myself for the next week, even if it's not my fault. This time I managed to make myself get angry instead. By the time the next morning rolled around, I was fine - still worried about the situation, but able to deal with it in a sane and rational fashion. That was really kind of cool, and far healthier for me than the other reaction would have been. It also allows me, now that all the relative misunderstandings have been cleared up, to move on and not keep fretting.

This is somewhat of a new process for me. A good one, it seems. Must remember this.

And now for the 'mayhem' part - hmm. I know I had something in mind for this. wonder what it was.

Oh well.

*turns flamethrower on full blast*
*happily watches the carnage*

That will do for now. :)
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firesea: self-portrait


if i don't get better at patience after this, i never will.

want to help. but i'm too entangled. can't say anything that won't be self-serving, and it's not my decision anyway.

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