August 12th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


Today Joy and Rob and I drove three hours to Portland to go to a bookstore. Yes, that's six hours of driving (ended up being closer to seven with traffic) for four hours there. (Got some gorgeous views of Mt Rainier on the way back, too.)

But not just any bookstore. This one. "The largest new and used bookstore in the world."

Wow. It was five or six times the size of the largest bookstore I'd ever been in before. They had so much stuff, including out-of-print books I've not seen anywhere for years. I now have my own copy of Science Made Stupid! All of you Boston people who have not been privileged with the experience of Science Made Stupid will soon be educated. >:}

As well as $150 worth of other books, that I now have to fit in my luggage to get back to Boston. But that's okay. Books make everything better.
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