August 9th, 2001

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went to Snoqualmie Falls today and climbed around on a lot of rocks at the foot of the falls. Haven't done anything like that in *way* too long. I hid in a cave for a little while and watched everyone else wandering around, and felt very content. A feeling I need to treasure when it happens - doesn't happen very often. sometime after I get back to Boston I should take a roadtrip up into New Hampshire and find some good mountains/waterfalls. There's also Acadia in Maine, which I want to take jc to.... except he's afraid of heights, so I don't know if I could take him up the Precipice Trail. Hmm.

hot tubs are good. naked people in hot tubs are even better :D

I saw Aibos playing soccer today - and a bunch of other robots dressed up in tuxedos serving hors d'ouerves. Heh.

If we get our robots into next years Robocup like we're hoping, I'll get to go to Japan! *bounce* That prospect should keep me in Boston for at least another year.
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