August 6th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait

well then

Off to Seattle in a couple hours. I don't know how reliable my net access will be while I'm there - at least till Friday/Saturday I probably will be invisible online. Getting back late next Wednesday (the 15th).

I'm feeling a bit better. Will try to sleep on the plane. I only have one novel with me, which I'm 2/3 of the way through - I'll be done with it by the time we hit Pittsburgh :P Shoulda done a Borders run - no time now.

Yay Seattle! Mountains and ocean and evergreens and things. And good friends I haven't seen in way too long (who have a hot tub!). And, of course, robots :) Robots good. Robots are your friends. Robots will be nice to you when they take over the earth and make all of you their miserable little slaves.... er, nevermind.

Anyway. See y'all later. Don't have too much fun without me ;->
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