July 22nd, 2001

firesea: self-portrait

I have it!

I have my tattoo design!

Now to fiddle with it and make 9 million versions until i find the one I'm positively positive I want.

It's hard to describe - it's a cat (based off a sketch of Dingbat, actually) done in sort of tribal-style line work, fairly minimalist.The cat is lying on her side looking over her shoulder. She's demanding to go on the back of my left shoulder - not where I had planned, but it's okay :)
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firesea: self-portrait


I love spending the entire day completely naked :)

and it's been 6 hours and I have not decided that my tattoo artwork is hideous and disgusting - in fact, I like it even more :) I added a tribal border around it, and now it looks like the cat is reclining in a sea of flames. yummy.

now that I've decided what it is, of course, I want it right NOW NOW NOW NOW. I knew that was going to happen ;->. I'm pretty sure I know where I want to get it, too - a brother of mine in the OTO runs Darkwave Dermagraphics downtown, and he's told me that he makes a mini-ritual out of every tattoo he does, which I definitely want. Of course, at least a couple months ago he was booked for months into the future, so if I want this done anytime soon I might not be able to go there. We'll see. I'll make Tara start making phone calls, since we're going to get ours at the same time/place.

now I go in search of tasty beverage. whee!
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firesea: self-portrait

well then.

So I just finished a pretty good book - Sleight of Hand by Laura Adams. It was a very engaging story, if a bit haphazardly written, but one plot point really made me step back and go 'whoa'. A lot of the book hinges on the conflict within the heroine when she realizes she loves two women. When she finally tells her current lover that she loves someone else as well, it is automatically assumed by everyone involved that the relationship is over. The thought of trying to have both relationships never even crosses anyone's mind.

Now I know this is the default point of view for most people in the world - hell, it was mine as little as five years ago, but now I have trouble grasping the concept that nobody would even consider the idea. So much hate and jealousy and anger must come from this ingrained taboo against loving more than one person, and it sickens me that there must be millions of people out there who think they are wrong/bad/evil every day for wanting or loving someone in addition to their partner.

This is almost enough to make me want to go out and become a crusader for polyamory, and I'm not the crusading type. There are certainly people out there who are better suited for monogamy - I don't want to turn the entire world poly, but I at least want people to know they have that choice.