July 13th, 2001

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so last night while watching a cheesy horror short on tv I realized that about 90% of visual entertainment would disappear if people actually COMMUNICATED in it. Like in this short, this guy was being gradually driven nuts by the ghost of the murderer who had previously lived in this house, and his wife kept asking him to tell her what was wrong (in his lucid moments) and he never did.

Of course, the whole time I was commenting "one good banishing ritual would clear all that right up." Laurel told me I take all the scary out of scary movies ;)

So many other movies, too, that are all based on one little misunderstanding. Sometimes in real life it takes a while to figure out what exactly the misunderstanding is, but that doesn't translate well to storytelling (I guess) so it ends up being one person never actually straightening things out because s/he's too embarrassed or something. Stupid.

Another thing I realized pisses me off about a lot of horror is that it all goes exactly how you know it will. Like in this thing, the guy got possessed and redid the entire original crime just like you knew he would. There was a small twist at the end which was kind of nifty, but they had been so heavy-handed with the other foreshadowing that it was just like, "ok, whatever."

now, time to make my robots crash into things again!
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