July 6th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


So I was going to be responsible and not go to the bday party tomorrow, so I could stay home and pack - but now I have a sudden urge to go. But I should pack. Not to mention spend time with jc who I'm about to abandon for two weeks. But...but...water park!

Aaaack. I'll probably decide when I wake up tomorrow and see what I feel like.

(yes, readers, this is an open invitation to twist my arm :)

no mood icon for 'indecisive', either - enough more of this and I may become a paid user so I can create my own set. laaaa laaa laaa laaaaaaaa.

I spent today making a Palm database of herbal magickal properties. Tonight maybe I'll install a klingon-english dictionary, just because. Or maybe I'll kill Duriel with my assassin.
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