July 2nd, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


Just had the psych appointment I've been waiting for for the past two months - it was supposed to be a screening for ADD. But somehow the secretary got the idea that it was depression that was the problem (even though I heard Jarrett set the appointment up and very clearly say that ADD was the problem) and scheduled me with a doctor that knew nothing about it. So I got a general history taken and maybe by the end of the week they'll be able to set up *another* appointment a month away for an actual screening.

For the past month I've been just waiting till today, hoping that today someone would at least give me an idea of something to do next. But no. It's more waiting.

At least the psychologist wasn't an asshole - he was apologetic about the mixup, and when he heard that I hadn't liked either of the other shrinks I've seen asked what they had done so he could make sure to be better.

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