June 18th, 2001

firesea: self-portrait


So I've been having odd dreams lately. Three nights ago it was sex with E.; two nights ago sex with B.; last night it was that Th. had a baby. Usually the dreams I remember are these recurring heroic sagas I seem to have a lot, usually involving villains in spandex, or a mishmash of random scenes. They aren't usually that realistic (though people I know frequently show up) or as based on my real-life desires.

I met an very cute/funny/smart/etc guy this weekend, but unfortunately just when I was getting up the nerve to flirt shamelessly with him, I found out that he just met the love of his life last week. Not exactly the best time to start distracting someone.

Games I played this weekend: lots and lots of Icehouse games (Ice Towers, Volcano, Martian Backgammon (2 and 4-player)), King's Cribbage, Boggle, Devil Bunny Needs a Ham, The Very Clever Pipe Game (both of the last two are Cheapass Games), Tribond, and Starfarers of Catan. Whee.
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