May 11th, 2001

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ah friday

Dingbat, my black cat, has caught a mouse each of the last three nights running. And that doesn't count the one I found in bits in front of the stairs a couple days before that. I find it oddly amusing how every cat I've ever known leaves the head and hindquarters of a rodent lined up perfectly, like they ate the middle without disturbing the rest of the body, or at most doing more than moving one piece straight out to the side so it looks like an elongated mouse with 'invisible torso' syndrome.

I wonder where all the mice are coming from. The ones we've seen have all been pretty tiny, so I guess they could have gotten into the heating system (it's forced-air, and now that it's warm I guess it might be a nice place to live if you're a mouse). No idea how to get them out (short of Dingbat's strategy of gradual attrition-by-stupidity) or even if they're likely to do any damage in there.

Anyway. I've been doing yoga for less than a week now and I think my knees are clicking less when I walk. Jarrett disagrees, but, well, that's Jarrett. I know I'm already more flexible. It's really impressive how good a workout you can get just staying in one position. Yesterday I was only able to do 15 minutes before I started falling over, but the day before I did 45 minutes, and got through more poses than ever before.

I'm sleepy. Haven't gotten enough sleep the last two nights, because I keep insisting on staying up till 11:30 or midnight and try to get up at 6. It's the kind of sleepiness that isn't too evident when I get out of bed but hits a couple hours later while I'm at work. I'm having to prop my eyelids open with two-by-fours while I write this.

But it's Friday. I can go home and goof off and not worry that I'm wasting my few precious waking hours before going back to work. I can nap, play Diablo II, read, work in the garden, whatever.

I'm contemplating going clothes shopping this weekend - it looks like the fashion gods may have smiled on me and there are clothes that I actually like in the stores this season. But if I venture anywhere near a mall, I will be inundated with Mothers Day ads. Is it worth it? I dunno.
firesea: self-portrait


Was switching back to this window and clicked Post by mistake. Anyway, I *was* going to say that this was a really long entry - guess I haven't written in a while. Or I'm just trying that hard to keep myself awake.

I wonder how well it would work to write a story to keep myself awake. I'm too sleepy to barf at how bad it is (I hope) so maybe I'd actually get something written.
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