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May 8th, 2001


I wonder how anyone manages to write music reviews. It seems so subjective to me, and music reviews I've seen seem to depend on you knowing as much about music as the reviewer, which is pretty useless to most of us. I guess if the reviewer says "This music is like A, B, C, and D" and you've only heard of C but you like them then that's useful. But it's hard to write a music review unless you do know that much. I can say that Pink Floyd moves me to the bottom of my soul, but that doesn't give you any idea of what it is that does that to me (I'm not really sure myself) or whether it would do the same to you.

Books and movies are easier; you can say whether you liked the characters, whether the plot made sense, etc. What can you say about music?
addendum to the previous post:

I see a lot of music reviews that are like: "so-and-so's ethereally beautiful voice floats above the harmonic symphony of the band, harking back to memories of childhood" and then I listen to the music and it's someone screaming over static about blood and revenge. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but the point is unless you can do detailed analysis and comparison, just plain description won't work, because everyone hears something different.


I'm doing actual work! And I'm not bored! Productivity feels weird after a long winter of being depressed and doing nothing at work but websurfing and the occasional email bitching about not having the resources to do what I'm supposed to do. Yay spring, yay getting put on new projects that don't have a backlog of other people's disorganization and aren't dependent on their knowledge that they have no time to give you.

Soon, lunch outside on the grass with my new Kate Elliott novel (well, newly purchased - was written in 99).


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