May 4th, 2001

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Yipe. How stupid can this country get?

The US was just voted off of the UN Human Rights Commission - actually not that much of a surprise, considering how pissed the rest of the world is at our power-mongering and the various idiocies Bush has been performing. What gets me is all the congresspeople shouting about how someone who was voted in should step down and let us back in. We're supposed to be the "best" democracy in the world, and we're crying out against a vote that we didn't like, ignoring the message that the rest of the world doesn't really like us very much? Stupid, stupid, stupid government.

Sigh. The question is what can I do about it? Right here and now, not very much. I haven't the stomach to put up with politics, and I think I'm too ethical to make it as a politician in any case. I can try to write more, influence people's thoughts, the problem is the only venues I really have will only get read by people who mostly share my views - "preaching to the choir" as it were. It still hopefully would do a little, but not that much. And I guess it's always good practice for when I figure out how to get my words to a more diverse audience. The last path is magick, but I'm not powerful enough yet to do much (though doubtless that belief itself is half of what's holding me back).

Thinking about the state of the world always depresses me so much.
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