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so, on thursday we drove down here with no air conditioning. saturday we took it to the dealer here, and they "fixed" it relatively quickly - wiring error, basically. however, yesterday the entire ventilation system went on the fritz, so now we're waiting yet again for the dealer to fix it, and hope it actually *gets* fixed this time.

we're going to be looking into the lemon laws when we get back. this car is four months old, yet we've had to take it in for non-routine maintenance three times (not counting today), and none of those times has our problem actually been fixed. *sigh* (2002 4-door 4wd chevy tracker, for those who are interested. I'm happy enough with how the car runs, but I'd rather not keep having to take it into the dealer every two weeks, even if they are paying for it.)

the plan was to demand the car by 9:30, and hopefully actually get it by 10. then with any luck we'll be home by 8 or 9 tonight.

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