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home depot fun/owie

left work a little early today and went to home depot to get gardening stuff. came out with more mulch (and will need still more), a wheelbarrow, a bunch of plants and seeds, and a couple of other things. yay. this weekend there will be much planting.

I bruised my left knee badly a few weeks ago, and while the visible bruise is gone, it still *really* hurts every time I bump it, even lightly (like kneeling down on it hurts). I have no idea what could be wrong with it; if the kneecap were broken I shouldn't be able to walk, if there was something wrong with the tendon or the joint it should hurt when I walk, but the only problem is the pain when it's bumped. weird. J pointed out that I've been wanting to find a chiropractor for my wrist and neck problems anyway - I can ask them what might be up with my knee rather than having to deal with my doctor's office.

ok, time to get food. then, as soon as our esteemed dm shows up, gaming. whee.


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May. 8th, 2002 04:29 pm (UTC)
Actually, i know from experience that if your knee cap were broken you could still walk around pretty good. you'd most likely see some swelling though....
that probably doesn't help. but, you probably just have a deep bruise.

May. 8th, 2002 05:43 pm (UTC)
bone bruises suck, and they take a LONG time to heal (sometimes as much as a few months). but it sounds like that's probably what you have. i got a bone-bruise on my coccyx once and that really sucked.
IANAD, of course.
May. 8th, 2002 06:46 pm (UTC)
Opinion from a trained medical practitioner
Okey about the minimum train that you can say that with. For those that don't know, I hold a (now invalid) EMT-B licence from PA. (It doesn't expire for another year, but my CPR is out of date and I need the CPR to have the EMT current.)

&lsEMT LEGALIZE>See a doctor. I can not do anything except stabalize and transport&ls/EMT LEGALIZE< If it has been a few weeks and it is keeping you from doing something, see a doctor. It sounds like you are fine as long as you do not put any pressure on the cap. So you could probably get by waiting another week or two before seeing a doctor. If it starts to feel worse or effect your walking, do not wait, see a doctor.

While many people use chiropractors for aches and pains that traditional doctors can heal, I strongly do not recomend them for injuires. I personally don't belive in chiropractors but they are significantly less regulated than doctors and some are really out to make money not help patients. (I know this can be said about some DR. too but it is more prevalent with chiropractors.) <Insert Chiropractor Flame War Here>
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