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I love spending the entire day completely naked :)

and it's been 6 hours and I have not decided that my tattoo artwork is hideous and disgusting - in fact, I like it even more :) I added a tribal border around it, and now it looks like the cat is reclining in a sea of flames. yummy.

now that I've decided what it is, of course, I want it right NOW NOW NOW NOW. I knew that was going to happen ;->. I'm pretty sure I know where I want to get it, too - a brother of mine in the OTO runs Darkwave Dermagraphics downtown, and he's told me that he makes a mini-ritual out of every tattoo he does, which I definitely want. Of course, at least a couple months ago he was booked for months into the future, so if I want this done anytime soon I might not be able to go there. We'll see. I'll make Tara start making phone calls, since we're going to get ours at the same time/place.

now I go in search of tasty beverage. whee!
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