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ok, need to start showering at night again, until it gets warm consistently, or start checking the forecast before I put it off till morning. My hair is still damp, and I'm *still* cold, after having been at work for >3 hours.

Morning showers good: wakes me up, wet hair in hot weather
Morning showers bad: wet hair in cold weather, have to get up earlier

Evening showers good: relaxing, avoids wet-hair-in-morning debate
Evening showers bad: wet hair annoying in bed, prone to tangles

I refuse to use a hair dryer - my hair has enough problems being flyaway/brittle as is.

And then, of course, the debate over whether it's better to shower before having sex so you're all nice and clean-smelling, or after, to clean up the mess.... doing both has the problem of drying out my hair, again.

Oh, and in case anyone's wondering why I'm not doing work like I said I'd do - the web page my script needs to access is down, and maintainer hasn't responded to email yet. Bah.

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