Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
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busy. new project, of which I'm pretty much the lead developer. whee.

gaming was fun last night. leveled up again - I am now a Weapon Master! W00teth.

I think I've determined that I am not allowed to play Civ3 unless I a) have a hard deadline at which I must stop (an appointment or something, not just saying 'I'll stop at this time') or b) am doing something else at the same time, like playing D&D or compiling robot code.

it's going to be weird this weekend without wyndam around. i'll probably break down and whimper pathetically on here about missing him at least once, but I'll try to keep it to a minimum :)

of course, what I really should do for this weekend is get in touch with one of the three people-I'm-interested-in-but-never-have-time-to-see and see if they want to do something. but it's also tempting just to stay at home and do all that Stuff-I-Never-Have-Time-To-Do (tm). aiyiyi.

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