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researching local skydiving places: found a couple. problem is none of them do static line jumps, only tandem and AFF, both of which are obscenely expensive ($200 for a first tandem jump, $300 for a first AFF). I could get the package deal, the whole AFF course for $1500.... err, right.

I'm confused. In Pgh I took an all-day first jump course, culminating in a static line jump, for $140. If I had ever gone back the price would have kept going down each jump, even when I got off the line and into freefall. I know Boston is a more expensive area, but this is kinda ridiculous.

*sigh* Guess I'm waiting until I get to Seattle to go skydiving again. At least there I can hunt down Rob for advice/recommendations.

On the other hand - hey, still more motivation to actually get our butts out West :)

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