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This morning's philosophy

(ok, so it's actually afternoon - bite me.)

What is your name?
Not answering that. You can't make me. Uh-uh.

What is your quest?
ObStockResponse: world domination.

Honest Response: to make the world a more beautiful place. To give the things in my head real-world substance so others can experience them. To be happy, and to make others happy.

What is your favorite color?
Go to the Chevy dealer in Nashua, and look for the Corvette in the middle. Not the candy-apple-red one. The instant-orgasm-dark-metallic-red one. That color.

(And swirling around behind it we also have royal purple, royal blue, and black.)

What is your greatest flaw?
Empathic gullibility. If I'm around someone who feels something really strongly, I have to fight hard to not feel the same way, even if I felt the opposite five minutes ago.

What is your greatest virtue?
Uhm... I'll get back to you on this one.

What makes you happy?
Intense colors. Dancing. Art. Cats in the sun. Stars. Making people come. The ocean. Soft/furry/silky things on my bare skin. Naked wrestling matches. Drum circles. Fresh fruit. Deep philosophical debates. Code frenzies.

What makes you angry?
People who think they can impose their view of the world on others.

If you could answer only one more question here, what would it be?

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