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I was all set to completely ignore today as being anything special (other than alegria_a's birthday, of course :). Then I wake up to find love notes from Jarrett scattered all over the house - on the bathroom mirror, on the blender, inside the car - even one inside my pda that I didn't find till I got to work.

I hate the idea of Valentine's Day, because it (at least in its modern commercialized incarnation) makes people expect things on that day that should be done freely, and mean a hell of a lot more when done freely. The above is a good example. If I had expected something like this, instead of feeling a like a giddy puddle of purrs right now I would feel like I had guilted him into it and some part of me would be doubting the sentiment because it might have been forced.

yes, I know you're all probably sickened now. but I'm going to sit here in a pile of warm fuzzies and glow :)

also - robots!
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