Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

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well, that was a day. morning absolutely nuts with activebuddy stuff, and then spent all afternoon writing c++ code in the robot lab. made a lot of progress, too. (I think I actually *finally* understand makefiles, now, though I still have no idea what most of the compiler flags mean....)

I think I have maybe 50 hours of work for this week. And I was sick yesterday, and need to take off early friday to go set up at boskone. doesn't add up. argh.

but if all else fails, I have something I can show the robot people about what I've done, even if the robots aren't actually running around mapping stuff yet; and I don't really have a deadline for the other project other than 'ASAP' so if it comes down to it it just wasn't possible to get it done this week. So there, or something.

now to go vegetate and eat frozen pizza. yeeha.
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