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ok, I think the day of doing absolutely nothing did the trick. I'm brain-fried from sitting in front of the computer all day, but the physical almost-sick is gone. whee.

I'm all bitter at skating again - just like in '94, the pair who skated perfectly got silver, and the political favorite who made mistakes got gold. argh. I know there is no fairness in competition, but the idealist in me still thinks the olympics should at least try to be objective.

never did get around to posting about yesterday - after I gave up trying to do work I just played CivIII for the rest of the day - but I'll sum it up in a few words: sex, people, meat, tasty beverage, butterscotch, movie.

Made some interesting discoveries about the measurements of certain aspects of our sofa, and their conduciveness to, erm, satisfying positions.

A Beautiful Mind is really good - wasn't really prepared for some of the heartstring-wrenching, but got through it okay. There were some great quotes from it, but because I didn't remember that until just now I no longer remember what they were. oops.

Ok, time for shower and bed. Sleep good.

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