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my personal list of stuff I'm at least vaguely interested in seeing. skating nights marked in bold.

(from http://www.tvguide.com/listings/olympics/viewingguide.asp)

(all 8-11:30p on NBC unless otherwise noted)

sat 2/9: figure skating (pairs short); skiing (moguls, jumping)

sun 2/10: skiing, snowboarding, luge

mon 2/11: figure skating (pairs long); snowboarding, luge

tues 2/12: figure skating (mens short); skiing, luge

wed 2/13: skiing, luge

thurs 2/14: figure skating (mens long); skiing (alpine, slalom, jumping), snowboarding

fri 2/15: ice dancing, snowboarding, hockey (us vs finland), luge

sat 2/16: skiing (alpine super g); bobsled; 11:30p hockey, US vs Russia

sun 2/17, 7-11p: ice dancing (original); skiing (super g), bobsled

mon 2/18: free ice dance, skiing (jumping, freestyle aerials)

tues 2/19: figure skating (women's short), skiing (aerials), bobsled

wed 2/20: skiing (slalom); hockey (men's quarterfinals)

thurs 2/21: figure skating (women's long); skiing (giant slalom, jumping); hockey (women's final)

fri 2/22: figure skating (exhibition); skiing (giant slalom); bobsled

sat 2/23: 10am on MSNBC, replay of figure skating exhibition

sun 2/24, 2:30p: hockey, men's final
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