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I can't believe I'm doing this.

After last week's rant on telephones and why I can't use them, I'm now looking at cell phones.

wyndam has this nifty earpiece thing for his phone that I tried once, and it actually worked really really well. I was calling meerkat299, who I can usually manage to talk to even on regular phones, but this was actually loud and clear. I just ordered one for us, and it should be here in a few days. Then, in my braver moments, anyway, I'll start experimenting and see just how much I can understand, with how many people.

I doubt it will get to the point where I can handle strangers on the phone, but I'm hoping I can actually be able to talk to friends without pain and agony. And if I can do that, well - there have been so many times I've wanted a way to get in touch with someone while I was out somewhere. It might actually make sense for me to have a cell phone. (Especially since most of them have 2-way text messaging now...)

Ack. This is scary. Telephones have always been the huge wall standing between me and passing for normal (at least as far as hearing is concerned). It would open up so many more possibilities for that to not be there, but it's also damned intimidating. It's so nice to have the excuse that I can't use the phone, period. If I have a cell phone, well, obviously I can... and then I have to explain the distinction, whatever that is. Yaargh. Anyway. I'm going to see what the limitations are, and then I'll figure out how far to push them.

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