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fantasy life

something I've been tossing around my head for a while... not that I ever expect my life to be exactly like this, but I think this is the general direction I want things to go.

I open my eyes to the shaft of sunlight streaming in the east window, filtered by the shuddering shadows of pine trees behind our house. A cat or two at my feet, someone warm and comfy next to me. I stretch and get up, mind already busy planning the day ahead.

Someone else (not the someone who was in bed with me) is already in the kitchen making breakfast - offers me scrambled eggs, which I appreciatively accept. It's a warm late September morning, so I go outside to eat on the porch in the sun. The mountains shimmer in haze to the northeast, and south I can just barely make out the imposing outline of Mount Rainier.

As I eat, I think over my daily routine:
  • a few solid hours of artwork in my studio (northern-lit, warm and spacious - adjoining the computer room so that others are near, but not distracting)
  • around lunch, a break for errands; bank, post office to mail out print orders, art store
  • after I get back, some time with some combination of my SOs doing business-y stuff - paperwork, filling orders, updating the web site
  • around 4 I break for physical activity - practicing bellydancing, or since it's really nice outside I might go for a bike ride. Once or twice a week I drag a friend or three off to the rock gym to go climbing.
  • Come home, take a shower, relax a bit with a video game or a book. Then dinner.
  • The evening varies: sometimes I'll do more artwork, others will be social evenings or playing D&D. Every so often we'll go into town for a concert or a show. I have belly dancing class one day a week, or maybe aikido practice. Another night is drum circle.

Weekend activities can include skydiving, roadtripping, rock climbing, ice skating; just relaxing with friends, doing home-improvement-y stuff, playing games, working on some project or other with one or more of my SOs. I have some personal code projects that I spend time on when I can - I'm writing an Alicebot, and also have a couple of small robots running around. Sometimes I squeeze in time to go volunteer at the cat shelter.

My living is made mostly by artwork, but I also help J with his business, doing perl scripting and the like. Unnamed SO #2 (and maybe #3) also work(s) in our businesses, or maybe they go to a Real Job - either way, it's something they enjoy and are happy doing.

We're not rolling in money, but comfortable. The house is open and well-lit, modified and decorated extensively by our family. No children yet, but we're about at the point where it would be practical to consider it.


Feb. 3rd, 2002 01:09 pm (UTC)
Very nice image. :)

Now move to Seattle, that's the all-important first step. :P :P :P

Although find someone to move you, according to the tax documents that the company sent me, it cost over $10,000 to move me here with Mayflower. Eek!!


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