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um, whee!

whoa. what a day.

got to the flea around 11. there was already a really long line out front, and I think I got about the last quasi-legal parking space. First up was being a model for the Baroness' latex demonstration. (They put me in something that looked a lot like this.) I'd never worn latex before, and it was.... interesting. Definitely not my thing, but I'm glad I got the chance to try it. And it was fun to be instructed to wander through the crowd and let them fondle me ;)

Also very nice to watch a skilled dominatrix - not at work, but just her general attitude and the way it came through in everything she did. I need to find dominatrix classes somewhere.

Then I talked to the volunteer coordinator and somehow managed to get out of my afternoon shift entirely, though that was not my intention, and started wandering.

*whines* I want more money!Collapse )

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