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um, whee!

whoa. what a day.

got to the flea around 11. there was already a really long line out front, and I think I got about the last quasi-legal parking space. First up was being a model for the Baroness' latex demonstration. (They put me in something that looked a lot like this.) I'd never worn latex before, and it was.... interesting. Definitely not my thing, but I'm glad I got the chance to try it. And it was fun to be instructed to wander through the crowd and let them fondle me ;)

Also very nice to watch a skilled dominatrix - not at work, but just her general attitude and the way it came through in everything she did. I need to find dominatrix classes somewhere.

Then I talked to the volunteer coordinator and somehow managed to get out of my afternoon shift entirely, though that was not my intention, and started wandering.

Things I wanted:

  • several masks of various materials
  • red/gold handflower for my belly dancing costume
  • strap-on harness
  • nipple shields (probably cenobite style; apparently I am an extra small)
  • flogger earrings and this cat ring I can't quite describe, also from Pandora/Pendragon
  • Molded leather corset and bra
  • X-bar
  • bunny-fur flogger
  • vampire gloves
  • these fingercuff things with wartenberg-wheel-type-things on the ends
  • a set of claws (didn't see any as cool as pixel's, though)
  • a circlet
  • black and red velvet cloak (yes, I know I already have one, but this was red on the outside and black on the inside! different!)

What I ended up getting: a bunny-fur flogger in red, and the molded leather corset and bra. Spent a lot money on the latter, but it was really comfy and looked really good and I can use it for ren faires and man ray and cons and random shit and mmmmmmmmmm leather.

There were pictures taken of me in it, but none of them with my camera, so that will have to wait a little. Never fear, one will appear. I look too damn good in that thing to spare anyone the chance to ogle!

Tried on lots of corsets before getting to the leather one. Discovered that a) how one is laced makes all the difference as to how comfortable it is, and that apparently my waist is back down to 24 inches, since I needed a 22. It was 21 once upon a time - don't know if it will ever be again, and I'm not sure I really care (would rather get my hips below 40) but was a pleasant surprise :)

And then we went back to the Palisades des Pants for the party. That's a separate (and protected) post, I think. But all ended up very nicely indeed. I wonder if anyone over there is awake yet. And if there are any English muffins left.

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