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now I'm in DC for two weeks on a business trip. They have lots of robots here - three Pioneers, two Kheperas, four Aibos, a bunch of Lego Mindstorms and a Palm Pilot robot. If it weren't "work" I would be going nuts. As it is I'm still pretty excited.

Yesterday was my birthday, spent in airports and planes and cars ho-hum. But Laurel and I found a Red Lobster for dinner, so that was ok. I got my cheddar bay biscuits.

I'm 24 now. No longer early twenties. How come I remember so clearly when i turned 13, and that seemed so old? 20 seemed really old too. 24... I'm like fully in the adulthood thing now (like getting married and buying a house wasn't enough to get this through my head).

I miss Jarrett. And I last saw him only 25 hours ago. It's going to be a long two weeks....
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