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had half a post all written and then my computer decided to pull it's randomly-switching-off trick. *sigh*.

all together, now: "HP SUCKS!"

anyways. Amused to see the friends test meme floating around. Back at CMU a bunch of us made those, only we called them 'personal purity tests'. I wonder if mine's still lying around anywhere. It's probably on my dead computer's hd, if nowhere else.

If I were less bored and the server faster, I'd make one. As it is, you'll just have to wait (I know you're all just squirming in anticipation).

Oh, bah. My mind's already going down that track, so I'll start working on it. Maybe I'll make it into an lj poll. Whee.

Much perl hackage today. I'm liking perl a lot. The syntax has a pretty awful learning curve, but thanks to shoebox_bird++ I have all the reference books on my hd.

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