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Me: Ok, this isn't the most elegant, but it'll work and it's not too hard to understand.

Brain: Nonononono! There must be a better way! Rip it apart, rewrite it all!

Me: I don't have time to do that! It's 9:30pm, I'm hungry, and this needs to be working tomorrow!

Brain: But if you find a better way to do it it'll take you so much less time to write! And will save you so much time later!

Me: Fine, then, I'll work on the elegant way in my spare time. For now I've got to get this hack working.

Brain: Nooooo! The pain! You can't release hackful code! What will They think of you?

Me: What They? The only person who's going to look at this is the coop, and he either won't care or won't know the difference.

Brain: You are a traitor to your Art! How dare you question the value of Elegant Code!

*Brain stomps off in a huff, leaving Me feeling guilty and desperately tempted to do that one "last" rewrite....*

  • This cheered me up after a craptastic day.

    ...May it cheer you up too.

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