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I have BOOTS!!!

(I've been searching for decent boots for years - it seems any kind that are remotely non-ugly have zippers instead of laces, which means they won't fit around my calves. However, Hot Topic just got in boots that are pretty nice-looking, with zippers AND laces, for $35! Hooray! Boots!

And snow! Making traffic suck, of course, but I'll hang out at home for a little while longer and maybe it will go away.

Weirdness: dyed my hair last night, and it turned my silver nail polish this odd metallic pink. Looks kind of nifty, actually.

Need to make another
Today at work:
- photocopy bid sheets - have 16 or so in case you mess up a few
- go out to staples at lunch and get last 3 pieces printed (check alignment before they do a full run!)
- oh yeah, work

Tonight, go over to gothfru's: finish veil, make the top (that part should consist of some cutting and one short seam - hopefully I can not fuck that up :)

Want to paint my toenails, but that can be done during ER.

Most of the clothes I need are already clean or in progress to being clean. I've started throwing some things into a bag, and have a decent idea of everything else I'm taking.

Need to get my prints assembled, too - two are done, but that leaves 9 more (assuming the trip to the printers goes well). *snort* I don't even know if these are all going to fit in my display space. Should figure out which ones I'm going to drop if I need to. Probably Enraged will go first, sadly - I'm still not entirely happy with how the hand-coloring came out.

I also need to figure out a pricing scheme and write up the paperwork for the art show. Thinking base prices will probably be $15-$20, with closeout prices around twice that.... we'll see.

Aaaand print out business cards, and labels. Hmm - I don't actually have anything to put business cards in. I'll look for something when I go to Staples today.

I am so nuts. Why am I doing this to myself again? Well, once it's over, we'll see if it was worth it.....


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Jan. 17th, 2002 08:34 am (UTC)
Which Hot Topic? And what do the boots look like? I've been having the same trouble, and the last time I was at a HT, the only lace&zip boots they had were fire-engine red, which is *not* my color.
Jan. 17th, 2002 08:38 am (UTC)
It's in Pheasant Lane mall in Nashua. (Do you know of any others around here? I haven't been able to find any, and the one in Nashua is pretty crappy).

Here's a picture.
Jan. 17th, 2002 09:04 am (UTC)
There's one somewhere north of where I live, but I don't know exactly where I was, since I wasn't driving. Hmm. I was looking for something a little less shitkicker and a little taller. Oh well. (I have a pair that neither lace nor zip, thus are stretchy and fit my calves, but the heels are too high for me to dance the night away without being grumpy by the end.)
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